Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2016 — Was It Worth It?

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What does an unscripted and unstructured conversation with 9 Canadian DJs about their experience at Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2016 sound like? You’re about to find out.

You’re also going to witness some guys talking about their “ah ha” moments. Those moments when, sometimes after many, many years, things just seem to “click.” Those moments can be life altering for some, and as you’re going to see in this conversation… well, you’ll just have to watch.

As you experience the conversation we had, I hope you’re able to discern just how incredibly life/business changing attending a conference like Mobile Beat can be. It was for me in 2011, and if you’ve never attended before, I hope it’ll be impactful for you one day too. Most of all though, I hope you’re able to snag for yourself a few of the great takeaways we bring up in the call.

Even though this was my 6th time attending this conference and my 9th major conference overall in the past 6 years, I still took away things that are going to help my performance and things that will help my business become more efficient, more profitable, and more successful. It is really difficult to NOT learn something and get super motivated while attending Mobile Beat Las Vegas.

A quick little note on the numbers though…You might be asking yourself, “What does it actually cost for a Canadian DJ to attend a conference like Mobile Beat in Las Vegas?” Keeping personal spending habits aside — shopping for clothes, toys for the kids, going to pricey night time shows, gambling for some (not me) — here are a few real world cost examples of attending Mobile Beat Las Vegas.

My costs for attending MBLV 2016 from Brandon, Manitoba from the Sunday – Friday were as follows:

$199 – Mobile Beat Las Vegas pass (purchased during early bird, July)
$700 – flight & 3 cab rides
$473 – 5 nights hotel (shared room with another DJ at Tropicana, host hotel)
$749 – food & beverage (this is high because I have a bad Starbucks habit)
$2121 – TOTAL (5 nights, doesn’t plan food/drink very well)

My friend Donny Lovering from Hamilton, Ontario, who commented on this years conference by saying “presenter after presenter delivering fresh material…relevant material” and “Profit First. Get the book. I believe this book will change your life,” reported his costs attending MBLV 2016 from Sunday – Thursday as follows:

$195 – Mobile Beat Las Vegas pass (purchased during early bird, July)
$540 – flight & 2 cab rides
$300 – 4 nights hotel (shared hotel room)
$350 – food & beverage (packed snacks and purchased food and beverages smart)
$1385 – TOTAL (4 nights, plans food/drink very well)

* all of the above costs are in Canadian dollars and from when the Canadian & U.S. dollars were trading at approximately 30% off from one another

If, after listening to this conversation, you want to attend MBLV 2017, put away $35 – $53 per week (based the totals from Donny & I) OR $28 – $42 per event (based on 50 annual events) from now until March 2017 and you’re on your way to making it happen! And when I say to “put it away” I mean in a SEPARATE bank account specifically opened for this saving purpose (don’t worry about the account cost) or a money jar at home you promise not to touch.

On behalf of (in order, left to right, top to bottom) Eric, me, Stefan, Gerald, Waylon, Cory, Dennis, Christian, and Johnny, enjoy the following conversation and hopefully you find something special for you in what we talk about here.

The reference links below the video point to some of the specific things that were brought up during the call. Please let me know which ones I missed.

Joe Bunn Marketing The Music
Larry Williams Rehearsal Dinner Revenue
Bill Hermann The Entertainment Experience
Tom Haibeck The Wedding MC & Wedding Toasts Made Easy
David Louis The Grooms Workshop
Randy Bartlett 1% Solution
Michael Anderson Living Motion Monograms
Jason Spencer Profit First
Mark Ferrell MarBecca Workshops
Mike Walter & Joe Bunn PhDJ Workshop
Rick Brewer Wedding Business Marketing

~ Dave

6 thoughts on “Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2016 — Was It Worth It?”

  1. Total Cost I paid to go to the show. Arrived Monday evening to Thursday afternoon.

    $195 – Mobile Beat Las Vegas pass
    $4.00 – Bus direct from airport to hotel. $2.00 Each way.
    $7.00 Cab fare X 3 using new app Lyft. Discount applied
    $177.00 – 3 nights hotel (Private non-shared room across the Street from Tropicana at Hooters)
    $85.00 – food & beverage (Even had 4 beers)
    $59.00 Vegas +$69.00 Back +$40 Carry on bag fee – Air Fare (Allegiant from Minot)
    $76.00 Parking and gas

    Total Cost to Travel Alone = $712 USD

    Totally worth the while. Got lots of inspiration as usual to keep things in order. Also I am going try to probe even deeper as to why we are planning to do each activity and imaginneer even better end results.

    Thanks for sharing Dave.

    1. At around $925 Canadian Dollars, that truly illustrates how affordable Mobile Beat can be for attendees. Thanks for sharing that information Tyler. And you’re absolutely right, asking WHY can lead (and often does) to pure gold and moments that might have otherwise been missed. Great nugget there!

  2. Thanks for sharing Dave!

    Adding the video aspect to this blog is a really amazing idea. It was great to see you at yet another far flung DJ conference Midwest DJ’s Live this week! Hopefully we will keep seeing one another at more and more training and educational conferences like Mobilebeat and others.

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement Sam. Hopefully you’ll get something great out of this group conversation too!

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