For The Record pt. II

I often field questions along the line of “Dave, what — exactly — do you include in your base wedding DJ/MC pricing?” I also find that there is a general mis-trust in the mobile DJ world that, whenever a “high priced” DJ might share what he or she charges for a wedding, it is often met with a fairly high degree of skepticism.

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We Might Be Breaking Up

As you may have heard (insert sarcastic eye roll here), Apple made some news last week.

Apple held its annual September product launch event, complete with the media news crush that has become customary for these events. These live events (pioneered by Apple co-founder, the late Steve Jobs) are brilliantly orchestrated marketing launches for new Apple products that few other companies in the world can compete with. Along with this event, also comes the customary laughter and mockery of Apple, its fans and its products.

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Pro Photos for Pro DJs

I recently participated in a brainstorming session to discuss the social media strategy for the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association. The CPDJA’s presence on Twitter and Instagram has become very successful, but we were trying to find ways to set up long term plans to keep the content fresh, without overworking any of the volunteers that keep this association afloat.

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