Stepping Stones: DJ to MC

The mobile DJ community here in Canada often runs into a small roadblock when communicating the MC side of their services to potential brides and grooms (if that DJ even offers MC services). Most time, brides and grooms have never heard of the DJ performing the role of MC and, often times, they’ve already asked someone else to MC their wedding by the time they hire a DJ. This is that roadblock. They can’t exactly “un-ask” someone to be their MC, can they?

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Stepping Stones: PT to FT

Nine years ago, in September 2008, I shut down my DJ business. At that point, I had been spinning tunes for 11 years at party after party and figured enough was enough. So I quit.

My girlfriend and I had just moved 8 hours away from home for a new job she was starting and I wasn’t sure what to do. I was pretty confidant I would marry the woman I was with and that I was probably going to have a family with her. “Time for a ‘real’ job!” I remember saying to myself.

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