I Dare You

Alan is an average person. (Don’t hate me Alan…please.)

I don’t mean he isn’t a really, really great individual. He is. In fact, he is pretty damned impressive.

What I mean to say is that Alan is just a person. He’s a person just like you and I. Nothing more, nothing less.

He doesn’t subscribe to the “rockstar” stereotypes that most folks might think of when the word “celebrity” comes to mind, but yet, he’s just been recognized for something rather out of this world.

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What it Takes to Play (And Why You Should)

I recently attended, for a second time, Bill Hermann’s Entertainment Experience. Some have taken it three times, others four times. Nothing about Bill’s workshop is cheap.

Getting into the Entertainment Experience the first time, for the full three days, will set you back $2200 US dollars plus travel and accommodations.

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Mobile Education

In March 2017, many of my colleagues and I were in Nevada for Mobile Beat Las Vegas. We went to network, learn, inspire and catch up with old friends. That was my 7th consecutive year attending Mobile Beat Las Vegas and I have no current plans to change the frequency of my attendance.

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9 Tips for Attending a DJ Conference

In just a few weeks’ time, this year’s slate of DJ conferences for the mobile DJ industry in North America will be underway.

On March 10th the CDJ Show kicks things off in Toronto, Ontario with the long running Mobile Beat Las Vegas beginning just a few days later on Monday March 13th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Then on May 1st the 9th annual Midwest DJs Live begins in Milwaukee, Wisconsin followed the next month by ArmDJs 10.0 on June 19th in Greenville, Tennessee.

But how does a person make the most of attending a DJ conference? What should first timers know? And what do we seasoned conference attendees need to be reminded of?

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Feeling Comfortable?


In August 2011 I attended an “event” that set the stage for what getting uncomfortable felt like. I had travelled to Minneapolis, Minnesota with a colleague and the truth was that neither of us had never felt so incompetent and unsure of ourselves. We nearly left half way through, but in the end, we allowed ourselves the experience of becoming incredibly vulnerable in a space with complete strangers. It was my very first MarBecca workshop…and it was very, very uncomfortable.

I don’t recall a single time in my life prior to that point when I felt pushed to become so uncomfortable. It sucked. Plain and simple, it was awful. But yet, since then I have travelled to many more MarBecca workshops for more of that feeling…that unique experience of being made to feel completely, nakedly and uncontrollably, uncomfortable.

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