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In March 2017, many of my colleagues and I were in Nevada for Mobile Beat Las Vegas. We went to network, learn, inspire and catch up with old friends. That was my 7th consecutive year attending Mobile Beat Las Vegas and I have no current plans to change the frequency of my attendance.

If you have not attended a DJ conference, you probably already know that I HIGHLY recommend them. DJ conferences only happen for a few weeks out of the year though, so how do I keep up on education and inspiration in-between these great events? My answer to that, is podcasts.

My thought for you this this week is simply a quick rundown on a few DJ specific podcasts that I highly suggest you add to your weekly listening routine. I often find myself listening to podcasts while commuting between meetings, on the way home from events or in the evenings while cleaning up after dinner. These podcasts always leave me with nuggets of business, marketing, planning or performance advice. And they are FREE!

Creative License with Bill Hermann

If you really don’t have time for podcast education, this is an easy one to fit into even the busiest schedule. Creative License is the shortest of the podcasts listed here, but don’t let that fool you into thinking the content isn’t world class. In less then 10 minutes (often 4 – 6 minutes), host Bill Hermann shares his perspectives on a variety of view points such as managing risk, embracing failure, music planning and much, much more.

Bill’s point of view comes from his background in nightclubs, live performance theatre, radio and the current work he produces as a mobile DJ & MC in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

Creative License is available on iTunes and Stitcher

PHDJ Podcast with Mike Walter & Joe Bunn

The PHDJ podcast is presented from a refreshing, multi-op, point of view with nuggets for both single op DJs and larger multi-employee companies. Show hosts, Mike Walter and Joe Bunn, run separate multi-system DJ companies in New Jersey and North Carolina respectively, but they operate their businesses in remarkably different ways.

What makes the PHDJ podcast refreshing is not only the unique blend of personalities between Mike and Joe, but how they extract meaningful business lessons based on movies, current events and their methods of company management and DJ and MC performance. They are also humble enough to recognize that while they don’t always agree on things, much can be learned from another’s perspective, even when it might be radically different from your own. The difference in process or opinion between Mike and Joe might be the single most valuable element of the PHDJ podcast.

The PHDJ podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud

Mobile DJ Tips Podcast with DJ Shri

If you’ve ever wanted to spend an hour chatting with Marcello Pedalino, Jack Bermeo, Ron Ruth, Randy Bartlett or Jason Jani, this might be the podcast for you. Each Mobile DJ Tips podcast episode features a single interview with a veteran of the mobile DJ industry. Podcast host, DJ Shri, has created a podcast based on the format of interviewing one person for between 45 and 60 minutes because it allows him to dig deep into the who, what, where and why that has led to the success of his many guests.

From masters of the mix to eloquent wordsmiths to great game masters, the guests of the Mobile DJ Tips podcast are as wide and as varied as the skills we DJs depend on. DJ Shri coaches his guests to share their stories of starting out, hurdles discovered along the way and the principals that now guide their DJ work today. More then just nuggets, the life lessons shared through this podcast are incredible and I have given many episodes more then one listen.

The Mobile DJ Tips podcast is available on iTunes and PlayerFM.

To begin your mobile on-the-go education, use the pre-installed Podcast app on your iPhone or download the Stitcher app to your Android device. Search out the podcasts you want to listen too and hit “subscribe!” Never before has it been more affordable or easier to take DJ education everywhere you go.

There are many other podcasts I also listen to for education and entertainment such as the Tim Ferriss Show (a long time favourite), Creating Connections For Event Pros (sales, marketing, networking), The School of Greatness (lessons from far outside of DJing), Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (do you know what an IDK is?), The Art of Charm (people skills) and Fresh Air (check out the great Steven Colbert interview).

But let’s start you on the three I mentioned above first, then we’ll talk about the rest.

Happy listening!

~ Dave

3 thoughts on “Mobile Education”

  1. Podcasts are the cure for a TV addiction. Thanks for the reminder.

    TIP: Terry Gross. Greatest interviewer in the history of time. Nobody asks better questions. If you’re a fan, listen to her do a “role reversal “. She invites Marc Maron to interview her on her own show. It’s spectacular.

  2. Great article Dave and thank you, however one that I have been watching lots is the DJNTV with John Young…..Packed with info, from senior DJ to nuggets of business, equipment and true customer service…..awesome show watch one of these many podcasts once to twice daily.


    1. Thanks Greg! Yes, the DJNTV stuff is awesome. When I do a blog post about video content to keep up with, DJNTV will definitely be listed.

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