What They Know and What They Believe

“How much do you charge?”

…and so read the 5 most complained about words I see DJs talk about. It is a question that deserves an answer, obviously, but DJs are often overly critical of the question.

Often times, DJs will lament the fact that this is the only question potential clients ask them.

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First The Heart, Then The Head

I am obsessed with The Tim Ferriss Show. I love it.

The show has nothing to do with the DJ industry directly, but what it has added to my DJ business is truly immeasurable. Today’s post is about one of those small things this podcast has done for me. This is about the greatest audio gift the internet has ever given me — one specific interview between Tim Ferriss and a great storyteller.

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Stepping Stones: DJ to MC

The mobile DJ community here in Canada often runs into a small roadblock when communicating the MC side of their services to potential brides and grooms (if that DJ even offers MC services). Most time, brides and grooms have never heard of the DJ performing the role of MC and, often times, they’ve already asked someone else to MC their wedding by the time they hire a DJ. This is that roadblock. They can’t exactly “un-ask” someone to be their MC, can they?

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