What They Don’t Ask For

They say they’re looking for a quote, but that’s not what they’re really after.

They’re looking for something amazing.
They’re looking for something incredible.

They’re looking for someone that will make them feel…anything!
They’re hoping that someone is you.
They’re hoping you are different.
They’re praying that you are different.

They want to feel excited!
They want to feel surprised!
They want to experience being blown away!
They are hoping you can make them feel all of that.

But of course, they don’t ask for any of those things…that would be silly.
Instead, they ask you for a quote…but that’s not what they’re looking for.

They want a connection.

They want a connection with a person that makes them feel everything written here…and more.

That is the person who gets the sale.

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10 thoughts on “What They Don’t Ask For”

  1. They don’t know what else to ask! You need to be able to be entertaining from the drop without making it about you. Another great point and post Dave, keep ’em rolling!

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