What Are You Saying?

“I’m just completely dumbfounded. 100%. I’ve never seen such a thing.  And unfortunately he was positioned so that if I took a shot of the whole head table his head and book were in it. The father of the bride is telling a story of how the bride almost didn’t make it at birth…and this guy is reading his book. Bah, I guess there are only a certain kind of us that are invested.”

A friend of mine sent me that message earlier this year, along with the following photos for reference purposes. She could not comprehend the lack of consideration displayed by the DJ at this wedding.

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Pro Photos for Pro DJs

I recently participated in a brainstorming session to discuss the social media strategy for the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association. The CPDJA’s presence on Twitter and Instagram has become very successful, but we were trying to find ways to set up long term plans to keep the content fresh, without overworking any of the volunteers that keep this association afloat.

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