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I’ve just wrapped up presenting my seminar “Word of Mouth” at the Midwest DJs Live conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was a sincere pleasure being given this speaking opportunity and I am extremely grateful to the conference organizers for having faith in me to deliver some valuable content for their attendees.

The presentation touched on a variety of areas from I most often find myself receiving word of mouth marketing. The word of mouth marketing I experience has carried me to some remarkable places and to some spectacular events. What makes word of mouth even more powerful for me, is that it continues to help my business grow, even in the face of an extremely weak social media presence. In fact, many people would call my lack of consistency on social media, “business suicide.” (To understand what I mean, check the dates on this post and this post for my most “recent” posts on Facebook and Instagram.)

Many things I have already written about helped inspire the presentation, so, for expanded learning, I’ve linked to all blog posts that I pulled from for this seminar. The list is lengthy, but for the attendees of Midwest DJs Live, the following blog posts will give you a fuller understanding of what I shared. (For those that didn’t attend the conference, this list will be a good general content refresher ahead of next week’s new blog post.)

To Friend, Or Not To Friend

Planning For Success

Ever Asked Their Parents?

No More Bad Wedding Toasts

Stacking The Deck

I Only Work For Friends

Are YOU as Glossy as Your Marketing Materials?

Part Of My “Why”

My Not So Well Kept Secret

Become a Proactive Team Player

Love to Network? Do THIS.

How I Finally Learned to Love a Wedding Show

Perogies to Palm Trees

Word of Mouth (three part series)

If you attended the conference and sat in during my seminar, I would sincerely appreciate some feedback on what I shared and how it was presented. Compliments are nice, but I am equally as interested in the critiques. The good, bad and the ugly is what I am looking for. If you’ve got helpful advice for me, please send along.

Word of mouth creates demand.
Demand creates better dollars.
Better dollars allows more investment to create better work.
Better work creates more word of mouth.
(And ‘round and ‘round we go.)

Just a thought…

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2 thoughts on “WOM; Expanded Learning”

  1. Dave – your talk was well thought on and great intel for the novice right up through the most experienced DJs in the room. It was a poignant reminder that the “basics” (great performance plus intentional connection) is still the secret sauce. Always has been, always will be. I appreciate you my friend. See you soon.

    1. Hey Brian, thank you so much for your note here. I really appreciate your feedback and loved hearing your Disney perspective as well. GREAT stuff in there! Cheers my friend! (sorry for the delayed reply, I missed a few blog notifications)

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