Essential Thoughts of 2017

There you have it…another year gone. Adiós 2017, hola 2018!

I ended 2017 feeling a little bogged down (hence the silence here at the blog), but overall, it was a wonderful year. I pushed myself to accept some new and uncomfortable challenges (remember my theme for 2017?) and I grew both personally and professionally. I hope you experienced some of the same.

Business last year for Special Request Weddings was great with some incredibly memorable weddings, even though I did not meet the prior years financials. 2016 saw extraordinary growth which I did not expect to maintain for 2017. Having said that, the year ahead may surpass both 2016 and 2017 totals, so I have much excitement to look forward too.

In addition to starting Wedding Chat on Disc Jockey News TV, with my good friend and colleague Jeremy Brech, 2017 was the year that I fully committed to producing more thoughts for this blog then ever before. While I had hoped to produce a new thought for you each and every week, the total of newly published posts for the year landed at 39. This is still an achievement I am very proud of, but let’s see if I can’t get that number closer to 52 this year, OK?!

Your support and that of all the readers and commentators on the blog and in social media was remarkable yet again. The comments I see on Facebook and the replies to the weekly emails are truly special to me. The satisfaction that comes from someone taking the time to write a response in relation to something I wrote is difficult to describe. Thank you all!

With that being said, let’s have some fun catching up on some of last year’s most popular thoughts with the second annual instalment of Essential Thoughts.

Essential Thoughts of 2017

Based on website traffic, the following 2017 thoughts were the 10 most popular over the last 12 months.

  1. The End Of The DJ
  2. Getting Face Time
  3. What Are You Saying?
  4. How I Get Paid
  5. For The Record pt. II
  6. Let’s Agree On Agreements
  7. What They Don’t Ask For
  8. For The Record
  9. The Problem With Raising Price
  10. How I Finally Learned To Love A Wedding Show

My theme for 2018 is going to be “Saying No To Say Yes.” I’ll share more about that with you all very soon.

Cheers, and here’s to a great 2018!

~ Dave

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