What Are You Saying?

“I’m just completely dumbfounded. 100%. I’ve never seen such a thing.  And unfortunately he was positioned so that if I took a shot of the whole head table his head and book were in it. The father of the bride is telling a story of how the bride almost didn’t make it at birth…and this guy is reading his book. Bah, I guess there are only a certain kind of us that are invested.”

A friend of mine sent me that message earlier this year, along with the following photos for reference purposes. She could not comprehend the lack of consideration displayed by the DJ at this wedding.

Furthermore, she was frustrated that his lack of consideration was going to be on display in some of the photographs she had been hired to capture. Getting a clear photo of the head table and much of the front of the room was not possible without having this man, maybe confusing the wedding for a library or a study, in the photo.

Finally, she wasn’t the only one noticing and commenting on this. Others at the wedding were curiously observing this DJ too. For some, he had become a bit of a distraction.

I do not know who the DJ is, nor is it of importance here. He is not to be ridiculed by you, me, or anyone else. This example is being shared with you as a reminder that we, as Bill Hermann has brought up many times, are always on stage.

Too often we focus on the fancy gear and cool lights and in the very same moment, neglect the very basic essentials of our behaviour and presentation.

The moment we walk into a venue, a stage rests beneath our feet.
Wherever we walk, our stage travels with us.
Whoever talks with us, has approached our stage.
When we unload our gear, we unload at the stage.
When we are packing our gear, we pack directly from the stage.
When the father of the bride is speaking about his daughter, we are on stage.

Expect that someone is always watching and be ever mindful of your behaviour and presentation.

This DJ may have lost any chance of a referral from this wedding professional…and he didn’t have to play a single song to accomplish that.

We are always on stage.

Without saying a word, we have the ability to speak volumes.

This DJ said a lot, without uttering a single sentence.

What are you saying?


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8 thoughts on “What Are You Saying?”

  1. Great post. I’m pretty sure the book he was reading wasn’t one of Mitche’s books 🙂 . I have never read a book during a wedding, but I have been on my phone, and something as small as this can be a distraction.
    I think one of the important take aways is that I should always be prepared and look present for a photographers picture when I’m on “stage”

    1. Yep, guilty of phone use here too buddy. I know what you mean. Ensure the use is being done when appropriate. That’s all. 🙂

  2. It’s unfortunate that this is what a lot of us are having to fight against. One experience like this takes the DJ reputation in general and lowers the bar. I’d argue you that the “reading” is just the tip of the iceberg. My experience tells me that this is indicative of what his entire performance is like. Yet, there are some clients that are only moved by price. This happens in every industry and the sad part is that this type of behavior is accepted by clients due to price. It doesn’t matter if you have Mercedes taste. If you have a Kia budget, you are getting a Kia. As it relates to DJs, I would hope that us as DJs (no matter where we are price point wise) that we would take enough care and pride in our work that this behavior would not be the norm.

  3. Wow, mind boggling…even when I was super green and total beginner I would not dare bring a book to read for someone’s event. Unless of course it was something I was asked to do. Seize the moment and take the opportunity to make your clients day even more special than they ever imagined. Thanks for reminding us Dave.

    1. “Seize the moment and take the opportunity to make your clients day even more special than they ever imagined.” Love that Jesse! Thank you for your comment!

  4. Good point and pray that not one of us in the CPDJA or CDJA is conducting ourselves like this, totally unprofessional.

    1. There are many DJs at many levels. This is just food for thought. I know I catch myself forgetting these basic rules from time to time. Thank you for the comment Greg.

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