Love to network? Do THIS.

If there is one thing you should know about me… it’s that I’m a networking guru.

I love it.
I live it.
I get it.
I understand its value to spreading the word about my work.

No appropriate valuation can be applied to networking. It’s hard to value, impossible to price, but absolutely worth it.

If you aren’t spending a measurable amount of your time actively networking with the other event vendors in your industry, take this advice: START NOW! Never eat lunch alone, friend event vendors on Facebook, visit a venue you’ve never been to, or grab a coffee with a photographer you’ve just met. There are many ways to actively network within your industry.

If you’ve already found success with networking, maybe you should start an industry networking group (if your area doesn’t already have one). If you haven’t yet had personal networking success, develop that skill before starting up a networking group.

Photo © Chantelle Dione Photography
Photo © Chantelle Dione Photography

Just over 2 years ago, I co-founded a wedding vendor networking group here in Manitoba with my friend and DJ colleague, Bryan Podworny (Expressions Entertainment). In the short time that’s passed, we now have nearly 500 wedding & event vendors from around the province in this group.

Every couple of months, an educational night or a networking mixer takes place (and we host an amazing “end-of-wedding-season” halloween party!). The organization of these events is primarily carried out by our leadership team (three DJs and a wedding planner) and they’ve been incredibly successful. For a glimpse into what last weeks mixer looked like, take a look at the following video.

(this group operates on zero money; all vendors & venues are volunteer)

For more information about how we’re running this group (all volunteer) please get in touch with me. I am more then happy to share the details with you.

Now, schedule a coffee with that (insert-vendor-name-here) you’ve always wanted to get to know. Maybe they’ll ask, “I was thinking about starting up a networking group, want to help me?” and your answer will be…

~ Dave

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