12 Days of Giveaways // Tools for Starting 2017

The 12 Days of Giveaways has officially begun! For the next 12 consecutive days, I will be drawing one random aDJthought.com subscriber and that person will be receiving their choice of any one (1) of the items listed below to help kick start their 2017.

I am doing this for three reasons: Continue reading “12 Days of Giveaways // Tools for Starting 2017”

An Unexpected Surprise

About a year ago, during dinner with some good friends, I was introduced to a husband and wife couple that my friends (past weddings clients, actually) brought with them. After our initial exchange of pleasantries, we moved on to topics around work, family, etc. At one point, the woman mentioned that she’d just joined a Toastmasters club at work. This was a brand new club just getting going and she was excited to help get it started.

After a few questions about her Toastmasters group, I enthusiastically asked if I could come to a meeting as her guest. I’d always wanted to try out Toastmasters, but hadn’t yet done so. Almost immediately, I began to recognize the possible benefits for me professionally, as both a business owner and performer. Little did I know then, one of the greatest discoveries would come at my first Toastmasters Conference a whole year later. Continue reading “An Unexpected Surprise”

Community Over Competition

You know they type… they’ll always quote for $50 bucks less then the previous DJ the prospective client called. And they’ll add extra lights. And no charge the travel. And bring a photo booth. And a balloon arch. And include a…(wait for it) …chocolate fountain! The challenges of running a DJ business are, in many places of the country, sometimes like this. Places where the competition is relentlessly chasing the almighty bottom dollar. Everyone’s trying to out “Walmart” Walmart, so to speak. Seldom does anyone “win.”

Thankfully, DJs around the world are changing that. Continue reading “Community Over Competition”

The DJ as the MC?! Craziest Idea I’ve Ever Heard Of!

This is my story. And it could be yours. But what’s most important about the SHARING of this story, is that it has helped put me into the driver’s seat of more weddings then I can possibly tell you about in one short blog post. Allow me to explain.

Back in 2010, I met a guy named Bryan Podworny, Continue reading “The DJ as the MC?! Craziest Idea I’ve Ever Heard Of!”