Do This… Every 90 Days

This is just a short business/personal tip for your online password filled world.

How often do you change your email and Facebook passwords? Once a year? Once every couple of years? Or have you never changed it?

I change my email and Facebook passwords every 90 days because they’re so incredibly essential to my everyday business. Both my business email and Facebook passwords get new, tough to crack passwords, every 3 months. I have this task scheduled automatically on my calendar to remind me so that I don’t forget.

I would highly suggest for you, if you depend on your email address and Facebook for business in some way (and personal uses too), that a password change happen on a regularily scheduled basis. It is essential in today’s online world.

If you need help remembering your different passwords for things, I highly recommend an app called 1Password. It has mobile and desktop applications which sync between each other. I am sure there are other quality options out there as well, but this is the one that works well for me. It is currently managing over 70 unique logins and passwords for me. Each login I have somewhere has it’s own unique password. This used to be difficult to accomplish, but now with 1Password, it’s a breeze.

If you haven’t done so recently, change your password’s today on Facebook and your main email address and then put a repeating entry in your calendar to remind you every 3 months (90 days) to change them again. The next time you see your friends Facebook profile compromised, you’ll be feeling extra thankful that you took this added step of security.

~ Dave

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