Learning? Pff! Who needs it?!

Much will be said about two things on this blog… My passion for continuing education and my love for some really great and inspirational people outside of the DJ world.

I hope that by introducing you to the people that have so inspired me (from outside our direct industry), you might also be inspired by them in some way. Today, I introduce the first of those people to you due to some of the words in her blog this week.

I had the pleasure of witnessing Liene (pronounced Lynn) speak at the 2013 Business of Weddings conference in Toronto. Prior to that, I had followed her blog, Think Splendid for a couple of years and was often invigorated and inspired by what she wrote.

Liene is also the source of some great wedding market statistics if you’d like to learn more about current wedding purchasing trends. That information is available through her Splendid Insights which are collected, assembled and released annually. Much can be learned in those reports such as, “When hiring wedding professionals, how important is their personality in your decision making process”. 65% of couples reported that being VERY IMPORTANT in the 2013 global report.

I highlight Liene and her work today because of what she wrote this week and how it ties into plans I have this coming weekend to attend the May 2014 edition of the CDJ Show in Calgary, Alberta (from which I plan to write one or two segments on). In addition to networking with fellow DJs, I go to learn and also to unlearn. From a post titled “A Not-So-Secret Secret” Liene writes:

“The people who commit to constantly learning, unlearning and who check their bias and ego at the door are the ones who will succeed.”

I couldn’t agree more.

See you in Calgary?

For more great words of wisdom from Liene, see her short and simple write up from this past Monday called “Successful Storytelling”.

~ DT

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