A Demo In Personalization

“Dave is full of great ideas that he will help personalize to your personalities so that the entire evening is filled with special moments that you or your guests will never forget.”
– Dayna & Ryan

“You personalized their day in a way that no one else could.”
– Leanne, Mother of the Bride

“I cannot imagine our wedding without your involvement, effort, and personalization.”
– Daria & Jason

Today’s post is about one of the many reasons wedding couples hire me. This post is about one of the many things I have done to separate myself from the “competition.”

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What Are You Saying?

“I’m just completely dumbfounded. 100%. I’ve never seen such a thing.  And unfortunately he was positioned so that if I took a shot of the whole head table his head and book were in it. The father of the bride is telling a story of how the bride almost didn’t make it at birth…and this guy is reading his book. Bah, I guess there are only a certain kind of us that are invested.”

A friend of mine sent me that message earlier this year, along with the following photos for reference purposes. She could not comprehend the lack of consideration displayed by the DJ at this wedding.

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First The Heart, Then The Head

I am obsessed with The Tim Ferriss Show. I love it.

The show has nothing to do with the DJ industry directly, but what it has added to my DJ business is truly immeasurable. Today’s post is about one of those small things this podcast has done for me. This is about the greatest audio gift the internet has ever given me — one specific interview between Tim Ferriss and a great storyteller.

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Stepping Stones: DJ to MC

The mobile DJ community here in Canada often runs into a small roadblock when communicating the MC side of their services to potential brides and grooms (if that DJ even offers MC services). Most time, brides and grooms have never heard of the DJ performing the role of MC and, often times, they’ve already asked someone else to MC their wedding by the time they hire a DJ. This is that roadblock. They can’t exactly “un-ask” someone to be their MC, can they?

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