Four Letters You Need to Understand

You’re smart as hell and have every angle figured out, but too many people say you aren’t worth it.

You connect incredibly well with everyone and people always want to be your friend, but you can’t keep money in the bank.

These simple examples might appear similar, but in reality, they are worlds apart.

Does one of these sound more like you than the other?

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Essential Thoughts of 2017

There you have it…another year gone. Adiós 2017, hola 2018!

I ended 2017 feeling a little bogged down (hence the silence here at the blog), but overall, it was a wonderful year. I pushed myself to accept some new and uncomfortable challenges (remember my theme for 2017?) and I grew both personally and professionally. I hope you experienced some of the same.

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For The Record pt. II

I often field questions along the line of “Dave, what — exactly — do you include in your base wedding DJ/MC pricing?” I also find that there is a general mis-trust in the mobile DJ world that, whenever a “high priced” DJ might share what he or she charges for a wedding, it is often met with a fairly high degree of skepticism.

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