A Demo In Personalization

“Dave is full of great ideas that he will help personalize to your personalities so that the entire evening is filled with special moments that you or your guests will never forget.”
– Dayna & Ryan

“You personalized their day in a way that no one else could.”
– Leanne, Mother of the Bride

“I cannot imagine our wedding without your involvement, effort, and personalization.”
– Daria & Jason

Today’s post is about one of the many reasons wedding couples hire me. This post is about one of the many things I have done to separate myself from the “competition.”

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First The Heart, Then The Head

I am obsessed with The Tim Ferriss Show. I love it.

The show has nothing to do with the DJ industry directly, but what it has added to my DJ business is truly immeasurable. Today’s post is about one of those small things this podcast has done for me. This is about the greatest audio gift the internet has ever given me — one specific interview between Tim Ferriss and a great storyteller.

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Planning For Success

Great events seldom just “happen.” Study, planning and organization are all key components to creating exceptional parties. And weddings, even from the DJ and MC point of view, are no exception.

Now is the time of year when I find myself fully immersed in first planning sessions for my weddings to come later this year. My wedding couples and I are in full swing, brainstorming, outlining, and putting together the pieces for the great weddings that each of them will be hosting this year.

With the significant number of details that come with planning the average wedding today, it is imperative that I insert myself into the conversation of the wedding planning details many months in advance. I do that in a variety of ways such as

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My Solutions to No More Bad Wedding Toasts

In my last blog post, I discussed in great detail how I set up wedding speeches for success. This doesn’t eliminate every bad wedding speech, but it will absolutely provide the wedding clients you work with better speeches overall. Be sure to read entirely through the prior blog post on this topic before continuing to read this one.

With this post, I will share the specifics of the emails I send out to people confirmed to be speaking and I will share what my “Speaking at Weddings” tip sheet looks like.

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No More Bad Wedding Toasts

Ever witnessed a bad wedding speech? A toast to the bride that kind of flopped? A toast to the groom that quickly descended into jokes that should have stayed with “the boys”? A welcome to the family speech that just…wouldn’t…end?

Any DJ that has spent any time at all working with weddings has witnessed a few of the above (if not all of them). For many people speaking at weddings, this is the first time they’ve had to write a speech or toast like this. Remember that surveys commonly show fear of public speaking, also known as “glossophobia,” sitting at the top of list of worst fears. It’s no wonder that weddings play host to so many bad speeches, but fear not (see what I did there?!), you can play a massive role in changing that.
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