The Problem With Raising Price

The problem with raising price is that the truth comes out. And when the truth has nowhere to hide, our personal feelings can take a bruising.

Sometimes that truth is brutal and frustrating; other times, it is motivating and invigorating. But make no mistake – the truth will reveal itself, whether you like it or not.

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From $500 to $3500. Six tips for giving you your next raise!

From $500 per wedding in 2010 to $3500 per wedding in 2015, I am often asked, HOW and WHEN did you raise your price, Dave? What motivated you to make those price increases? Were there certain signs you were watching for before raising your price? How often did you raise your prices? Once a year? Twice a year?

In five short years, I’ve moved from being a DJ with a base wedding price of $500 (basic speaker system and a very basic 4 fixture “T-bar” light system) to a DJ/MC with a starting wedding reception only price of $3500 (basic speaker system and a pair of moving heads with a couple of LED par lights for dance floor ambiance). Continue reading “From $500 to $3500. Six tips for giving you your next raise!”