Find Your Bryan

If you follow me regularly, you know that I often write about the value that comes from community; the greatness that can be accomplished together with other people, as opposed to the struggle that comes with separation and isolation. This week’s thought is similar to that, but revolves around a micro version of the idea. This is about finding your Bryan.

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How I Finally Learned to Love a Wedding Show

Wedding shows…ugh…the traditional wedding marketing event that many wedding vendors love to hate and hate to love. Count me as one of those “many vendors.”

I finally loved one though. As in…REALLY loved one! The approach to it was radically different than any show I’d ever participated in before. Today’s post focuses on what took place and why I viewed it as such a success.

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Part Of My “Why”

Even though a DJ often performs in front of large crowds of people, the work of a mobile DJ can be oddly isolating some days.

A lot of our time is spent solitary — prepping playlists, crafting introductions and scripts, setting up and striking equipment early in the morning or late, late at night, fixing and organizing gear, rehearsing what we’re going to say and what we’re going to play, replying to the never ending stream of emails and messages, etc. But when showtime hits, we’re thrust into the public eye in a larger way then most of the population would care for. It’s a strange transition going from quiet solitary work to the complete opposite in often just a matter of minutes.

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An Unexpected Surprise

About a year ago, during dinner with some good friends, I was introduced to a husband and wife couple that my friends (past weddings clients, actually) brought with them. After our initial exchange of pleasantries, we moved on to topics around work, family, etc. At one point, the woman mentioned that she’d just joined a Toastmasters club at work. This was a brand new club just getting going and she was excited to help get it started.

After a few questions about her Toastmasters group, I enthusiastically asked if I could come to a meeting as her guest. I’d always wanted to try out Toastmasters, but hadn’t yet done so. Almost immediately, I began to recognize the possible benefits for me professionally, as both a business owner and performer. Little did I know then, one of the greatest discoveries would come at my first Toastmasters Conference a whole year later. Continue reading “An Unexpected Surprise”