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This is a blog intended for the mobile DJ community that I belong to. It’s purpose is to share thoughts, processes, inspiration and ideas that, I believe, have somehow played into the success I’ve enjoyed over the last number of years as a full time (my sole source of income), single operator, mobile DJ. From colleagues & friends of mine in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, here in Canada and of course many other countries, the mobile DJ community (the English speaking one) stretches far and wide. This blog is intended for everyone within that community and anyone else who happens to stumble upon it.

I only ask, that you please understand the following 5 points:


I am a mobile DJ — not to be confused with a radio DJ or a club DJ — and I specialize in weddings.


When I say weddings, I truly mean that’s what I specialize in. Not bars, anniversaries, fundraisers, community events, christmas parties, etc. My specialty, my passion, my love…is in weddings. I love weddings…discovering who a couple is and what they’re all about…the guests of those celebrations…the moments of magic that often take place…the joy…the laughter…the tears…I love weddings. Weddings are my livelihood and understand that I do not work for “celebrities”, but rather, I work for exceptionally normal people.


I am also Canadian. This brings with it many circumstances that my colleagues around the world might not fully understand (typically a family member or close friend is the MC here, we have a government mandated body that issues licenses to DJs to use music for commercial purposes, etc.). I say that I am Canadian because I’d like that to act as a qualifier as you read through the content on this blog. Some of the content is written very specifically for the benefit of Canadian DJs but is often applicable to any DJ wherever they might live & work.


After having my mind changed in late 2011 that the DJ could truly become a Master of Ceremonies (not simply an “announcer”), I’ve walked with confidence down this path and never looked back. The DJ as the MC is the next evolution of the wedding DJ in Canada (this applies in most other places too, but to varying degrees as it is already the “default” in some regions). Like it or not, this is where the future lies in separating oneself from the “iPod” or “Cousin Vinny” or whoever else you feel is your competition in today’s world where “everyone is a DJ”. Practising, training and researching the methods of becoming a true Master of Ceremonies (as opposed to what you might currently consider an “MC”) will remove you from compare. Thus, it will remove you from the competition, leaving you with an open vista of opportunity ahead. I hold fast on this belief and am a living example. This is an important detail to know about me.


Lastly… you need to know I really, really love people!  Human beings, of all walks of life. They are the most interesting, exciting and amazing creatures on this earth. When asked what my favourite part of being a wedding DJ is, I will always say (and have said this for a long time now), that my favourite part is meeting a wedding couple for the very first time. That hour or two of discovery is so exhilarating to me. So exciting.

If I haven’t met you, the person reading this, know that I truly can’t wait to find out who you are. What you do. Why you do it. I really just love being around people and talking with them. My greatest downfall in this regard though…is that I have a terrible memory. I’m working on it, but no where near hard enough. If anyone has any solutions to help me with this, I’m all ears (if I remember what you told me!).

A mobile DJ. Weddings. Canadian. The DJ as the MC. A love for people.

It is from those points of view that this DJ shares his thoughts. I implore you to keep the content of this blog, within the context of those 5 facts. What is written here may hold very little value outside of those ideas. Understanding this is imperative if you hope to receive anything from the words contained within these pages (which I truly hope you do).

That completes the description of me for the purpose of this blog. You can, if you wish, find out more about me here and here. And for some further details of the path I took from 2011 – 2013, it might be helpful to read this.

Thanks for reading, feel free to activate your complimentary subscription and enjoy my blog. Please use the contact form to send any feedback you might have or to suggest topic ideas for future blog posts.


Dave Ternier, WPICC

Master of Ceremonies, Disc Jockey, Husband & father of 2 amazing little girls and past recipient of the international WED Guild® certification.

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