To Friend, Or Not To Friend

“Do you friend your wedding clients on Facebook, Dave?”

The above inquiry is one that comes up often with mobile DJs and is the question I will be answering this week. My decision on the matter has led, in part, to greater success in the relationships I have both inside and outside of business. Continue reading “To Friend, Or Not To Friend”

I Only Work for Friends

Working for friends can be the worst experience in the world. Deals are struck, favours are promised, and then one wants more out of the arrangement than was bargained for. Things end in an ugly fashion, with both parties unsure if the friendship survived. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Sure, it works out okay sometimes, but in many cases, lifelong friendships are put in jeopardy over an attempt between friends to do business together. (And don’t even get me started on working with family!)

But what happens when you start out as strangers and then become friends throughout the business transaction? Continue reading “I Only Work for Friends”

My Solutions to No More Bad Wedding Toasts

In my last blog post, I discussed in great detail how I set up wedding speeches for success. This doesn’t eliminate every bad wedding speech, but it will absolutely provide the wedding clients you work with better speeches overall. Be sure to read entirely through the prior blog post on this topic before continuing to read this one.

With this post, I will share the specifics of the emails I send out to people confirmed to be speaking and I will share what my “Speaking at Weddings” tip sheet looks like.

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No More Bad Wedding Toasts

Ever witnessed a bad wedding speech? A toast to the bride that kind of flopped? A toast to the groom that quickly descended into jokes that should have stayed with “the boys”? A welcome to the family speech that just…wouldn’t…end?

Any DJ that has spent any time at all working with weddings has witnessed a few of the above (if not all of them). For many people speaking at weddings, this is the first time they’ve had to write a speech or toast like this. Remember that surveys commonly show fear of public speaking, also known as “glossophobia,” sitting at the top of list of worst fears. It’s no wonder that weddings play host to so many bad speeches, but fear not (see what I did there?!), you can play a massive role in changing that.
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