Seek to specialize.

At our wedding vendor networking event last night, a great question was put to our presenter, the new owner of a bridal salon. She’s been running the salon for the past 12 months and the question was about discovering what she thought her biggest challenge in the upcoming year was maybe going to be.

Among her many answers, she spoke about the idea of trying to please everyone and how impossible that can be to do. Focus on YOUR business she said.

While those ideas can go in many directions and to varying degrees of depth, it reminded me of a decision I made a few years ago. That was to change my business name and focus on what I really wanted to do.

Prior to being known as Special Request Weddings, I was Special Request Disc Jockey & Imaging (how about that for a mouthful?!). I then decided, after much thought and discussion with others, that I was going to rename and brand myself as one that specialized in weddings. Thus, Special Request Weddings was born.

Shortly after the name change took place, I recall being at a local Canadian Disc Jockey Association meeting and handing out my new cards. One of the CDJA members looked at it and exclaimed, “Well now people will think you only do weddings!” Yes, I replied, that’s the point.

I remember the individual being very taken aback by this. No one around the region that I knew of had ever specialized in one segment of the services that an average mobile DJ does. Instead, many “specialized” in weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, christmas parties, school dances, grad, etc (all at the same time). I’m not entirely sure that this needs to be pointed out here, but according to, to specialize is defined as: “to train in or devote oneself to a particular area of study, occupation, or activity”. If you decide to specialize, honouring the generally accepted meaning of the word “specialist” in your message will carry a lot more weight in your marketing.

People seek our specialists everyday. If you seek to specialize, you’ll be rewarded for doing so.

Even though an optometrist is a doctor, my guess is you wouldn’t go to him to have your tooth pulled. But what if that doctor specialized in everything, would that change your mind?

~ DT

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