Ever asked their parents?

We all know that testimonials help communicate the quality and value of the work we do to prospective clients. Most of us, I am sure, request detailed feedback from the brides & grooms we work with in order to collect some of those testimonials. I also ask them, a number of times, to suggest ways in which I could improve my service. That’s where a feedback survey REALLY starts to become valuable. But this post isn’t entirely about that… it’s about the parents.
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Love to network? Do THIS.

If there is one thing you should know about me… it’s that I’m a networking guru.

I love it.
I live it.
I get it.
I understand its value to spreading the word about my work.

No appropriate valuation can be applied to networking. It’s hard to value, impossible to price, but absolutely worth it.

If you aren’t spending a measurable amount of your time actively networking with the other event vendors in your industry, take this advice: Continue reading “Love to network? Do THIS.”

Are You Trying To Out “Amazon” Amazon?

You have two main business choices to make. You’re either going to compete on service or price. Very seldom do those two find their way simultaneously into the same business model.

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I Care About Networking (And you should too)

I spend an inordinate amount of time networking with wedding vendors. Getting to know them, sharing lunch with them, discovering who their families are, finding out their likes and dislikes, etc. And, I’ll often drive between one and three hours out of my way to do so. One of the obvious rewards to this might be referrals, but there is another, just as important, reason for good quality networking. Continue reading “I Care About Networking (And you should too)”

Stacking The Deck

I do something special — after the event — with weddings that STAND OUT for me. You know the ones… you connected really well with every wedding party member… the guests were off-the-charts fun… the parents of the couple were gracious and awesome… the bride and groom were your *perfect* clients… you know the ones… those events where everything you touch turns to GOLD. When those events come around, here’s what I do: Continue reading “Stacking The Deck”