Are You Trying To Out “Amazon” Amazon?

You have two main business choices to make. You’re either going to compete on service or price. Very seldom do those two find their way simultaneously into the same business model.

You will either create incredible value for me by answering my questions and going above and beyond without being asked, or, as Seth Godin recently said in an interview with Dave Ramsey, you’re going to try and out “Walmart” Walmart or, worse yet, try to out “Amazon” Amazon and make your price cheaper then anyone else out there. (But of course, someone will ALWAYS be cheaper)

Competing on price alone is, as is often said, a race to the bottom. Don’t offer me 30% less then any other competitor’s price, but rather, how about trying to offer 30% more in value/service then the “other guys” might. Think about that. Having been better serviced, I’m a happier customer, and because you received a fair price, your business is healthier and better able to serve its mission. Win-win!

This has nothing to do with being “the best” or the “highest priced,” but instead, it touches quite simply on the current economics and connectivity of our time. Everyone is a simple click away from your competitors. Create reason — outside of price — for a potential client to do business with you. Do this, and your business problems that you might think are because of someone else, will completely disappear.

Don’t get me wrong… we all love to find a deal (yours truly included), but at what real expense does that bargain come?

How you shop, will determine how you sell, which ultimately, tells your customers how to buy from you. Are you ok with that?

What is your business? How do you shop? How do you sell? How do your customers buy from you? Are you ok with that?

~ Dave

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