Let’s Do This

I am an optimist at heart.

My wife sometimes chides me for this. My kids think it makes me playful. My wedding couples trust me because of it. The wedding industry here in Manitoba knows me as the happy wedding guy because of it. Then come my feelings about the “DJ industry.”

It might surprise you, but the feelings I have about the DJ industry have not always been overly optimistic. Many feelings have come and gone with regards to the DJ community and my involvement in it. Some days it would be easier to hide away in a hole, do my thing, make the wedding couples who hire my services happy, and spend all of my free time with family and friends. I think you get the picture. I stay involved though. Something keeps me here.

As I wrote about recently, there are some remarkable people in the mobile DJ community and my life has become far richer because of that. On top of that, many DJs have gone before me, laying the groundwork for much of the success I have experienced. This has, in turn, encouraged me to spend some time giving back to you, my friends and colleagues in the mobile DJ world.

As Mark Ferrell said from the stage of Mobile Beat Las Vegas in 2015, “If you’re doing well, you have an obligation to help others.” I sit here writing this, conscious of the fact, that I stand on the shoulders of many mentors, friends, colleagues and teachers who have taught me what it really means to work as a mobile DJ and MC. For that, I will be eternally grateful. This idea motivates each and every word I write on this blog.

Now here we are…today…and I have never been more confident and optimistic about the DJ industry here in Canada. Nothing is perfect, of course, but I am happy with the direction we are headed and feel very fortunate to be involved. While we don’t always agree on everything, I have found an incredible community of selfless people to work with in order to build the next generation of leaders. These people will be the leaders for those currently in our line of work and for those up and coming mobile DJs. This leads to the purpose for today’s post.

While the current momentum is creating results…without new people, new ideas, and new energy, this momentum will eventually run out of steam and it will stall. With that said, I put this appeal to you, dear reader, to consider becoming a part of leadership.

Maybe you have special skills with technology (websites, software, etc.)?
Maybe you enjoy organizing people (networking nights, vendor get-togethers, etc.)?
Maybe you enjoy working with highly detailed documents (policy documents, standard operating procedures, etc.)?
Maybe you have exceptional business skills (finance, corporate negotiation, etc.)?
Maybe you are an Instagram pro?

Every organized group of people requires a team of individuals with a variety of skills in order to accomplish everything that needs to be done. Maybe you have some of the skills needed.

If you have experienced any definition of “success,” consider giving a little of yourself to the greater good. “Industry supports its members” as Mark Ferrell once said. And remember, a rising tide lifts all boats. When we lend a hand to others, everyone succeeds.

When Mark presented Who Do You Think You Are? at Mobile Beat Las Vegas in 2015, he motivated a lot of people to think about leadership in a very different way then they once had before. If you have not viewed this presentation (or haven’t watched it recently), I implore you to please watch it. This presentation may impact you like you’ve never felt before.

So…did YOU feel like standing at the end of that presentation?

Who do you think you are?

Will I be hearing from you?

Will the leaders in your country be hearing from you?

I’m feeling pretty optimistic. Let’s do this.

~ Dave

8 thoughts on “Let’s Do This”

  1. Wow, just blown away by Mark Ferrell’s presentation and seeing you up on stage! Congrats. I’m a total newbie being a weekend dj for little over 2 years but I’ve learn so much from my first gig until now. And my new MC skills, mixing, lighting knowledge, etc…I owe to you and many other DJ’s who love to share, Mike Walter, Randy Bartlett’s 1% Solution, Michael Anderson Monograms…on and on. I treat djaying as another profession of mine, not a secondary one although I’m an engineer by day and djay at night…haha. Caring to provide top service is key. I want to keep learning and improving to carry that djay torch in the grand global mobile dj industry. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for energizing the masses. I believe people will step up on their own volition but some need to be encouraged. Also there are many different forms of leadership. Within my own ADJA association there was a member who was frustrated and voiced his opinion so I gave him a leadership role. He had the guts to speak up and so I wanted to empower him to make change. Thank you again for fighting the good fight!

  3. I just watched this when Alan (ALAN!!!) posted it last week. I’ve listened to it several times since then. I think that I am a Leader, because I want us, as an industry, to be taken seriously. I want couples to think of us as more than “the music”. I want a community of like minded, similarly skilled individuals to raise the bar to an acceptable level; one that encourages newbs to achieve that level.

    1. Hey Thomas — I believe you are a leader too. Start local, go from there. Love you brother, thank you for being here!

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