Top 10 reasons I can’t wait for Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2015!

Here are the top 10 reasons I can’t wait for Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2015!

10) Not having to choose which seminar to attend. This might sound odd… but I always have the feeling I’m missing something good after deciding which seminar to attend at a traditional DJ conference (one that hosts multiple seminar tracks at the same time). I am truly excited for the single, but very high quality track, that Mobile Beat has adopted for 2015.

9) (Hopefully) finding a case for my Pioneer DDJ-SX. It needs to (somehow) sit comfortably on top of my SKB Mini Gig-Rig though. I’m honestly not sure what I’m looking for. Maybe it’ll jump out at me when I check out what is consistently one of the greatest exhibit halls at a DJ conference.

8) The influence of Bill Hermann & Jason Jones. I’ve never before witnessed such effort put into producing a conference with this number of unique nuances from the sound & lighting production, to the conference layout to the variety of seminar presenters. I’m all about creating unique experiences for my clients and therefore, can’t wait to enjoy the influence that Bill & Jason of the Entertainment Experience have had on this year’s production of Mobile Beat!

7) DJ Jazzy Jeff. ‘nough said.

6) Wearing my new shoes for the first time. I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of Fluevog’s for nearly two years. This might seem really weird… but I’m pretty pumped to try them out!

5) The flashing lights and cool beats! We’re all gear heads a little bit (or a lot!) right?! I can’t wait to experience the unique show production that’s being brought to Mobile Beat this year. The lighting design that artistic director Jeremy Brech is creating for the show and the coolness that DJ Jason Jani will be bringing to the production with his skills behind the booth are rumoured to be setting the stage for a new style of DJ conference.

4) Meeting and answering questions of prospective Wedding Entertainment Director® applicants. In addition to conversations in the hallways, I am going to make myself available as much as possible for DJs that want to chat about the process to earning their own Wedding Entertainment Director® accreditation. Please message me via email or Facebook and I’ll do my best to make some time for you if you’ve got questions about this uniquely rewarding process.

3) Learning from Penn Gillette. The guy is worth over a hundred million bucks and he’s earned it by entertaining people for a living. He must be doing something right… and I’m gonna find out what it is!

2) Experiencing Mark Ferrell speak (again). My life took a very good but dramatic turn towards the “you-don’t-know-what-you-don’t-know” when I first heard this man speak at my very first trip to Mobile Beat in 2011. I wonder what will happen this time…

1) Networking & building business friendships. Some conferences are better at “this” and some are better at “that” but regardless, the one highlight (IMHO) they all share is the opportunity to create new business friendships that will, without a doubt, shape your career as a mobile DJ.

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What are your reasons for attending Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2015? What I am missing from the above list? What are you most looking forward too?


~ Dave T.


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    1. Thanks Joe! In part because of you and a few others, I really thought of making this post longer so as to include more… but I wanted it short and sweet! Looking forward to finally connecting with you this Mobile Beat. Chat soon! 🙂

      – Dave

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