The Game Master coming to Ontario!

The very first time I met Scott Faver was at the Mobile Beat Las Vegas conference in 2011. Myself, Bryan Podworny & Dale Kerik were staying at the Riviera Hotel & Conference Centre where the conference was taking place and had come downstairs for a networking breakfast with this guy apparently known as “The Game Master”. Having no idea what this was all about and having never before attended any DJ conference in the world, I was intrigued to say the least when I saw the man known as, Scott Faver.

This guy was a ball of energy, had a massive 7:00 AM smile and was wound up and going like the Energizer bunny! Shortly after we’d introduced ourselves to the guys sitting at our table, this man walked up and introduced himself (something like this I’m sure).

“Hi, I’m Scott. And your name is…?”

(obvious response)

“Well it’s great to meet you Dave. Welcome!”

During the next 15 or so minutes, Scott introduced himself to those he didn’t know and said hi to the DJs he already knew. There would easily have been 70 or so of us there and if I had to guess, he knew maybe half of them. What happened after he’d finished saying hi to each of us on a one-on-one basis, was that the room went rather quiet as he went systematically from table to table, saying every one of our names! It was incredible!

This man knew how to interact with people in an entirely unique way to what I had ever seen. When he wasn’t sure of one name, he’d move on to the next 1 or 2 people and then, out of nowhere, would spin around and with an excited but military like precision, state the person’s correct name and keep going! This was Scott Faver. The man who could memorize a pile of new names just like that! He went on to share with us a technique for doing just that… and much, much more.

Meeting Scott under those circumstances is precisely how hundreds upon hundreds of DJs have met him. Scott’s now famous, “Breakfast With The Game Master” (BWTGM for short) breakfast networking and educational meetings are extremely popular (even at 7:00 AM in Vegas!) and they reside exclusively at the Las Vegas DJ Show. Scott has inspired DJs with many game ideas, but also much, much more.

His seminar as presented at the recent CDJ Show was on the topic that with sincere devotion to people, your business will succeed. And it’ll likely succeed so much so, that paid advertising will become a thing of the past for you. This, as we’d say in Canada, is simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Scott. And the greatest thing is, you don’t have to wait until the Las Vegas DJ Show to experience and learn about some of the precious materials that he shares.

If you’re within a short days drive or a quick flight from Ottawa, Ontario, please join what I can guarantee you, will be a most unique learning experience with Scott. It’ll be just you with 15 other people. The BWTGM breakfasts are good, but they’re nothing like I’m sure this is going to be!

A workshop has been set up to be led by Scott Faver for one day only on May 20, 2014 in Ottawa, Ontario. I’ve heard though, that unless a pile more people don’t sign up in the next 3 days, this opportunity to seriously increase the demand for your services and ultimately the success of your revenue, will disappear. As in, it simply won’t happen.

The networking, client service & performance gems you’ll come out with are going to impact your business in a very positive way. I implore you, please take this opportunity. I’ve learned so much from Scott that has helped to elevate my business in the areas of marketing, communicating with wedding VIPs, interaction and most of all, my corporate work. I plan every year to take on about 4 or 5 somewhat “involved” corporate parties and I only do so because of the knowledge and confidence I’ve acquired as a result of Scott Faver.

Should you have dreams that are bigger then the current size of your business, this will be a great start to assembling the pieces of your bridge to those dreams.

Believe it or not, for less money then what I just bought a bluetooth speaker for, you can take part in this full 1 day workshop by contacting Steve Bourguignon here.

Let’s make this happen. Your business will appreciate it. Your clients will love it.

~ Dave T.

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2 thoughts on “The Game Master coming to Ontario!”

  1. Great intro and promotion.
    As soon as I heard Scott was coming to Ottawa, just 5 hours away, my planning began.
    Fingers crossed I will finally get to meet him.

    1. Really hoping this can happen for everyone out East! Scott’s a really great guy and a valuable asset to the mobile DJ community at large. He has soooo much to share.

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