No One Needs Us


No one needs a cake.

No one needs a photographer.

No one needs a 5-course meal.

No one needs a photo booth.

No one needs flowers.

No one needs a dress.

No one needs Chiavari chairs.

No one needs uplighting and ceiling wash.

No one needs octopus ceiling swag.

No one needs a videographer.

No one needs an ice sculpture or a candy bar or a popcorn bar.

And no one needs a DJ.

This is easy to forget, but important to remember.

No one needs us.

Stay humble, please.

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4 thoughts on “No One Needs Us”

  1. So what do do people need? According to “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” people need the following, in the following order:

    1. Physiologic needs:
    Breathing, circulation, temperature, intake of food and fluids, elimination of wastes, movement.

    2. Safety and security needs:
    Housing, Personal security, Financial security, Health and well-being, Safety against accidents/illness

    3. Love and belonging needs:
    Relationships with others, communications with others, support systems, being part of community, feeling loved by others.

    4. Self-esteem needs:
    Respect, happiness, self acceptance, self respect, valued by others.

    5. Self-actualization needs:
    Thinking, learning, decision making, values, beliefs, fulfillment, helping others.


    I agree DJs do not fulfill requirements in the first two slices of Maslow’s pyramid. If a person doesn’t have sufficient food or personal security a DJ can not help. Yet a good DJ can fulfill a very special place in the remaining three slices. A good DJ can help a couple strengthen relationships within their family and community. The wedding is all about love and community. A good DJ can help a couple gain self-esteem by hosting a magnificent celebration. A good DJ can help a couple make decisions by guiding them through the wedding planning process. I good DJ can help the couple the realize their mutual beliefs and values.

    It is true a wedding celebration can be considered luxury item. Yet I look at the celebration as a means to help a new couple start their lives together on a strong foundation of community, self respect, friendship, and self realized values / beliefs. The DJ sets the mood of their celebration. This sets the mood of their first day together as family. Regardless of how you think about it, every DJ should take this responsibility seriously. Staying humble is good advice.

    1. While I can agree with much of what you are saying Dennis, no one needs us to get married. All they need are the two of them and a legal document. If friends and family show up, bonus. If they get a nice dinner, that’s an even greater bonus. If they also hire a DJ… (I think you get where I am going)

      When a DJ is involved, I too would like them to take the job seriously. Much agreed there.

      Cheers my friend.

      1. I agree. Two people can live together as common law partners. Marriage is not a prerequisite. From this prospective the whole wedding industry is an indulgence.

        As an indulgence, I am honored when a couple choose me to lead their wedding celebration. I want them and their guest to feel as special as possible.

        Cheers to you..

        1. The wedding industry is an indulgence, no doubt about that. An emotionally charged indulgence, at that. There is nothing rational about spending the money people do on weddings. They are purely an emotional purchase and you’re right, we should be sincerely honoured when people request our involvement. This is not something I glaze over lightly. (nor, I know, do you either)

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