Getting Face Time

“Hi there. My name is Tegan and I’m getting married on July 21st next year. Are you available and how much do you charge?”

Regardless of how those words were delivered to me, I use a sales process each and every time that follows the same guidelines. (I’d rather call it something less business like, but for now, let’s leave it at “sales process”)

The origin of the written inquiry, be it through email, Facebook message, website inquiry, text message, etc. makes no difference to my process. (unless the inquiry called me directly, which bypasses the written part as detailed below)

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How Do You Say How Much?

This is going to sound weird and it might surprise you, but I rarely vocalize my price to a wedding couple considering my services. Ever. Seriously, it’s true.

Saying something like “If you want to hire me, the price for a wedding reception will be $x,xxx + tax and if you also want me for your wedding ceremony it’s an additional $xxx…” just isn’t my style. What I attempt instead, is to create a uniquely professional experience out of the actual moment in which I share my pricing (usually at the end of a consultation) and communicate that the booking process itself and the dollars required to hire my services are really no big deal.

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The DJ as the MC?! Craziest Idea I’ve Ever Heard Of!

This is my story. And it could be yours. But what’s most important about the SHARING of this story, is that it has helped put me into the driver’s seat of more weddings then I can possibly tell you about in one short blog post. Allow me to explain.

Back in 2010, I met a guy named Bryan Podworny, Continue reading “The DJ as the MC?! Craziest Idea I’ve Ever Heard Of!”

Are You Trying To Out “Amazon” Amazon?

You have two main business choices to make. You’re either going to compete on service or price. Very seldom do those two find their way simultaneously into the same business model.

You will either create incredible value for me by answering my questions and going above and beyond without being asked, or, as Seth Godin recently said Continue reading “Are You Trying To Out “Amazon” Amazon?”

I Care About Networking (And you should too)

I spend an inordinate amount of time networking with wedding vendors. Getting to know them, sharing lunch with them, discovering who their families are, finding out their likes and dislikes, etc. And, I’ll often drive between one and three hours out of my way to do so. One of the obvious rewards to this might be referrals, but there is another, just as important, reason for good quality networking. Continue reading “I Care About Networking (And you should too)”