The End Of The DJ

The music begins and a wedding couple takes to the dance floor.

Their closest family and friends watch as two people dance together for the very first time as a married couple. It is picture perfect and emotionally beautiful.

Moments later, this newly married couple are surrounded by their closest friends and family, dancing and singing away to their favourite songs. The celebration of marriage has once again begun. The energy is incredible. The party continues late into the night.

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What it Takes to Play (And Why You Should)

I recently attended, for a second time, Bill Hermann’s Entertainment Experience. Some have taken it three times, others four times. Nothing about Bill’s workshop is cheap.

Getting into the Entertainment Experience the first time, for the full three days, will set you back $2200 US dollars plus travel and accommodations.

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On Passing Judgment

Consider people for the entire scope of their being, not simply a snapshot moment of time on this little rock we call earth.

Passing judgment over people, whether a potential client, a child, a friend of a friend, an industry colleague, a fellow event professional, the hot-in-the-press-politician (no, we’re not going there!), is all too often based on tiny little snippets of that person’s time here on earth. Rather then pausing to wait if some sort of activity begins to repeat itself, we respond with a sudden reaction to a comment or action by that person.

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Part Of My “Why”

Even though a DJ often performs in front of large crowds of people, the work of a mobile DJ can be oddly isolating some days.

A lot of our time is spent solitary — prepping playlists, crafting introductions and scripts, setting up and striking equipment early in the morning or late, late at night, fixing and organizing gear, rehearsing what we’re going to say and what we’re going to play, replying to the never ending stream of emails and messages, etc. But when showtime hits, we’re thrust into the public eye in a larger way then most of the population would care for. It’s a strange transition going from quiet solitary work to the complete opposite in often just a matter of minutes.

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