Looking for a DJ or looking for you?

Boom! Another inquiry! This week is going really, really well! 6 inquiries and counting…

Perfect, I am available for their date and I love that location…time for a phone call.

“It’s Dave Ternier here…Special Request Weddings.”

“Yeah, you bet, no worries at all. So I hear congratulations are in order…?!”

“Oh, ok.”

“Yep, no worries.”

“You were just looking for a DJ…”

“Ok, sounds good.”

“Well, if there is anything else I can do to help out, feel free to reach out any time.”

“Awesome! Best of luck with everything!”

So much for that one. She was looking for a DJ and already booked one. I was just another name on a list…a google search she performed…whatever…

Contrary to the above example, most of the inquiries I receive are not “looking for a DJ,” but rather, they are looking for me. They are looking for Dave Ternier. They are looking for Special Request Weddings.

That changes everything.

That changes the style of conversation.

That changes the level of expectation.

That changes what they are willing to do.

That changes what they are willing to spend.

That changes the firmness of their wedding date.

When someone is looking for Dave Ternier, instead of “a DJ,” everything changes.

Most people have attended a party where a DJ was present and performing as a part of the event entertainment.

Why then, are so many people searching Google or Wedding Wire for their wedding event entertainment?

Many people have attended parties where YOU were the performing DJ.

Why then, are most people “looking for a DJ” when instead, they could be searching for YOU by name?

DO something, that will make them look for YOU.

SAY something, that will make them look for YOU.

BE something, that will make them look for YOU.

When people stop looking for “a DJ” and instead, begin searching for YOU, everything changes.

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4 thoughts on “Looking for a DJ or looking for you?”

  1. Fantastic post Dave. I just got a call from a WeddingWire rep yesterday and I had to explain to him numerous times that I don’t want to be in front of 4,500 brides. That is not my market and frankly I not only don’t have the time to respond to all those inquiries, I don’t have the manpower to take care of all those brides if they did book. I want 40. That’s it. 95% of those 40 are referred in. So I’m looking for 2 clients. Instagram, my SEO work, and personal relationship building helps me attract those remaining jobs.

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