What it Takes to Play (And Why You Should)

I recently attended, for a second time, Bill Hermann’s Entertainment Experience. Some have taken it three times, others four times. Nothing about Bill’s workshop is cheap.

Getting into the Entertainment Experience the first time, for the full three days, will set you back $2200 US dollars plus travel and accommodations.

The other expense is time. This can be most challenging. The time to consider it, plan for it, travel for it, the workshop time, etc. Time is the most valuable commodity we have. It must be spent wisely.

Then there is the expense of opening up to what happens inside the Entertainment Experience. Having witnessed many things in many workshops, vulnerability, that process of exposing a part of yourself you might normally keep guarded, is something we all struggle with. Make no mistake though, vulnerability is an expense required for next level growth. This…is…critical.

To reach the level of potential that has wedding couples changing their wedding date to accommodate YOUR calendar requires more then just “information.” Simply consuming what is given for “free” through the screens of your devices will not be enough. This blog will only get you so far. The easiest way for your business and performance to succeed is through complete immersion.

Join Toastmasters. Fly to that workshop. Attend the conference. Sit at the table with your DJ neighbours. Talk. Share. Smile. Go first.

As one of my favourite lines from the musical Hamilton says:

“You don’t get a win unless you play in the game.”

Sitting in front of a computer/tablet/smartphone is not playing in the game. Everyone is doing that and everyone is accomplishing the same average thing. Is that what you want?

Plan for the expense…the expense of finances, the expense of time and the delicate expense of your vulnerability. None of these come easy, but they reward those who commit to them.

You don’t get a win unless you play in the game.


~ Dave

4 thoughts on “What it Takes to Play (And Why You Should)”

  1. Love it Dave, keep posting. I know from finally investing in Bill’s and other workshops about the sacrifice one must make in order to grow. Can’t wait to see you at the next one and not in front of my computer reading your writing ‘for free’ 😉

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