Turn Off The Noise

I’m on a serious high right now. High on life, my family, and high on my choice of profession.

An inquiry that came in earlier today just reminded me that for every single wedding I am a part of, I need to work harder (and then even harder). If I do that, great things might happen.

The inquiry is for a wedding that’ll be taking place 1,646 Kms (1,022 miles) away from where I live. The compliment of simply being asked to travel a distance like that blows my mind. It makes me think I need to seriously up my game. The pressure will really be on if they decide to book my services for their wedding. I’ll want to ensure they get every last dime of value for the money they will have invested into my services. Every dime, every penny (wait… we don’t have pennies in Canada anymore!).

The voices in my head were saying: Work hard. Then work even harder. Look what might come of it. Work hard. Stop distracting yourself with silly Facebook drama. Work at it and work at it and work at it. Just get it done! Now! Stop being so last minute with things! Look at the results that are possible when you turn off the TV and stop surfing never ending websites and Facebook groups. Why is all of that so hard? Because IT IS… really hard. It’s a habit, that’s why. And just like I tend to chew my fingernails (yes, I said it, I’m human… accept that) habits can be really, really, REALLY hard to break.

As we got to know each other via Skype last night (that was the quickest 2 hours I’ve ever experienced!) they mentioned that a few things stood out from the wedding where they first witnessed my service: Everyone was involved. I seemed instantly at ease with both families and genuinely acted as if I’d known them forever (and made them feel like it too). They loved Blake & Seanna’s first dance. People danced. It was fun. The DJ playing the role of MC worked so well and just made sense to them (wanna know more about that… go learn from these people).

A part of their inquiry as it was worded:

Anyways, our family was so impressed with the job you did at Blake & Seanna’s wedding that we just had to contact you right away. We have set a date of Oct 10, 2015 in Kelowna, BC. We would really appreciate it if you could get back to us and first let us know if you’re available (please god I hope you are) and what your pricing would be and what we would be required to cover for travel/accommodations and all that jazz.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

When we are prepared to drop the useless, push our ego aside, replace excuses with opportunities, and dive head first into what we love, nothing can stop us. And I’m not necessarily speaking about your DJ business, but whatever it might be that you sincerely want to succeed in.

That couple from above… they’ve been engaged for 6 days. SIX DAYS. They haven’t yet booked their venue or photographer. Who says the DJ is always last?

The opportunities that present themselves when you turn off the noise can — and will — come from everywhere. But you have to turn off the noise, if you know what the noise really is. I’ll write about that in a future blog post that I’m considering calling “Get rid of the sofa.”

Looking for opportunity? Can’t hear it knocking? Turn off the noise.

~ Dave T.


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