The Problem With Raising Price

The problem with raising price is that the truth comes out. And when the truth has nowhere to hide, our personal feelings can take a bruising.

Sometimes that truth is brutal and frustrating; other times, it is motivating and invigorating. But make no mistake – the truth will reveal itself, whether you like it or not.

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A Demo In Personalization

“Dave is full of great ideas that he will help personalize to your personalities so that the entire evening is filled with special moments that you or your guests will never forget.”
– Dayna & Ryan

“You personalized their day in a way that no one else could.”
– Leanne, Mother of the Bride

“I cannot imagine our wedding without your involvement, effort, and personalization.”
– Daria & Jason

Today’s post is about one of the many reasons wedding couples hire me. This post is about one of the many things I have done to separate myself from the “competition.”

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How I Finally Learned to Love a Wedding Show

Wedding shows…ugh…the traditional wedding marketing event that many wedding vendors love to hate and hate to love. Count me as one of those “many vendors.”

I finally loved one though. As in…REALLY loved one! The approach to it was radically different than any show I’d ever participated in before. Today’s post focuses on what took place and why I viewed it as such a success.

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We Might Be Breaking Up

As you may have heard (insert sarcastic eye roll here), Apple made some news last week.

Apple held its annual September product launch event, complete with the media news crush that has become customary for these events. These live events (pioneered by Apple co-founder, the late Steve Jobs) are brilliantly orchestrated marketing launches for new Apple products that few other companies in the world can compete with. Along with this event, also comes the customary laughter and mockery of Apple, its fans and its products.

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