Find Your Bryan

If you follow me regularly, you know that I often write about the value that comes from community; the greatness that can be accomplished together with other people, as opposed to the struggle that comes with separation and isolation. This week’s thought is similar to that, but revolves around a micro version of the idea. This is about finding your Bryan.

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Making the Conference World Go ‘Round

This blog and the thoughts and ideas I share with you, wouldn’t exist, were it not for my attending Mobile Beat Las Vegas in 2011.

I would never have met some of the most impactful people in my life without first attending that DJ conference.

Many of the friends I have, from all over the world, are in my life as a direct result of attending DJ conferences.

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My Not So Well Kept Secret

In a recent post on Facebook, Adam Longworth from F.M. Entertainment out of Indianapolis, Indiana, thanked me for turning him on to a book called The Go-Giver. Previously, others have written to me about this little book saying it has been life changing and others have said that it helped them truly discover their purpose on this earth.

So, why haven’t I written, here on this blog, about such a momentous little read?

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The Problem With Raising Price

The problem with raising price is that the truth comes out. And when the truth has nowhere to hide, our personal feelings can take a bruising.

Sometimes that truth is brutal and frustrating; other times, it is motivating and invigorating. But make no mistake – the truth will reveal itself, whether you like it or not.

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