I Only Work for Friends

Working for friends can be the worst experience in the world. Deals are struck, favours are promised, and then one wants more out of the arrangement than was bargained for. Things end in an ugly fashion, with both parties unsure if the friendship survived. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Sure, it works out okay sometimes, but in many cases, lifelong friendships are put in jeopardy over an attempt between friends to do business together. (And don’t even get me started on working with family!)

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I’m Sorry, What’s Your Name?

Recently, on my side of the internet, the topic came up about wearing a name tag when working weddings or corporate events as the DJ/MC. I do not wear a name tag when working at events, but am fully aware of many DJs who do…and for some pretty solid reasons I might add. Those reasons haven’t caused me to fully shift my personal choice on the matter, but they’ve certainly provided me some additional food for thought.

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DJ Music Management using Dropbox

Still using USB drives to update new music onto your DJ performance computers? Or maybe you are using a special program to sync multiple hard drives at once? Nothing compares to the ease of use that Dropbox gives mobile DJs to manage their music library across multiple computers. Imagine being able to add music to any one of your computers, without having to remember which computer you added that music to and which ones still require being synced. Dropbox takes care of all of that… and so much more!
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What Are You Really Asking?

When you ask a me “how?” or “what’s the real difference between a $5000 DJ and a $1000 DJ?” what is it that you’re truly asking? Are you asking me if there is a switch you can flip so that 6 months, 12 months, 24 months from now you can be experiencing similar “success”?

Or, are you asking me to talk with you about the days where I’m Continue reading “What Are You Really Asking?”