Making the Conference World Go ‘Round

This blog and the thoughts and ideas I share with you, wouldn’t exist, were it not for my attending Mobile Beat Las Vegas in 2011.

I would never have met some of the most impactful people in my life without first attending that DJ conference.

Many of the friends I have, from all over the world, are in my life as a direct result of attending DJ conferences.

I like to attend DJ conferences because they provide me with an indescribable sense of family and camaraderie, business and performance motivation, technical and equipment knowledge and so much more.

Often times, these conferences provide the only opportunity for me to re-connect in person with many of the amazing friends I’ve met in this world over the years.

My year would feel very empty without conferences like Mobile Beat Las Vegas.

In order to make a conference happen though, it takes a lot of money…more money then any single (or group) of DJs is actually willing to pay. But fear not! Many great industry players DO step up, with huge dollars and great expense, to help make these conferences happen. In return for their valuable support, I strongly feel that conference attendees should respect and support these companies when given the opportunity.

As we all know, the world of advertising has changed dramatically over the last decade. In my opinion, the recent launch of the Evolve 50 speaker by Electro Voice demonstrated just how much marketing and sales has changed. The method by which they leveraged social media and YouTube to announce a brand new speaker lineup was nothing short of remarkable.

Even though the internet is changing everything about how companies like EV, Chauvet, Prime Cuts, DJ Event Planner, etc. promote and market their products, they, and many others like them, still support the DJ conferences and allow them to continue happening. We need to support this idea. We need to support these partners.

If you’ve never attended a DJ conference, I suppose you don’t have a horse in this race. But, if you have, and that conference has positively impacted your life in some manner, you absolutely have a stake in this.

Make no mistake, I get it…I understand how attractive buying no name products direct from China might be…but understand that thinking you are getting a great deal is only a short-term, shortsighted viewpoint of the entire product development/marketing/retail sales/DJ conference “circle of life” that keeps all of this functioning.

Should DJ conferences lose the support of their vendors, the cost of the conference would go way up (thereby negating any savings you might have acquired through direct from China purchasing) or, more than likely, the DJ conference would cease to exist.

Attending a DJ conference, at the time, is relatively inexpensive, but I don’t consider my investment in any DJ conference complete until I’ve purchased from one of their vendors or done something to help spread the word about some of their vendors. Purchasing from a DJ conference vendor is a continuous investment toward my attendance of future DJ conferences.

Pioneer, American DJ, DigiGames, ERG, NLfx Professional, Bose and so many more are completely responsible for making the DJ conference world go around…so let’s pile on a little love for them, shall we?

Ryan Burger, producer of Mobile Beat Las Vegas, has provided me with a Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2018 full conference pass to give away to one reader of

The stipulation for this free conference pass is that it should go to someone who has never attended Mobile Beat Las Vegas before, or to someone who hasn’t attended in many, many years. So, here is the deal:

I want you to win, whether you’ve attended recently or not. If you have attended recently, then you get to choose a first time attendee to give the pass to. If you have never attended before, then the pass is yours!

To enter, you must be a subscriber to this blog (see signup form below or elsewhere on this blog) and you must do the following:

Head to Facebook by clicking here and simply comment on the photo with a few short sentences about what favourite DJ brand or DJ product you might have recently purchased or are looking forward to seeing at a DJ show down the road. Maybe you simply want to do a shout out to a one particular company because they are doing something really cool. It doesn’t matter…simply mention (tag them, if you can) a company or distributor that you have a little love for and that’s it…you will be entered for the free full conference pass for Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2018! Head here to write your comment/contest entry.

As a bonus to increase your number of entries for this draw…write a great review on the specific Facebook page for one of the DJ related brands, companies or distributors you love and send me a screen shot of that review (through Facebook message or email Do that…and I will give you 10 entries into this draw instead of just one!

Let’s pile on a little love for those who help keep DJ conferences alive!

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(Contest closes on November 20, 2017 at midnight, central daylight time. Winner will be drawn randomly from all entires and will be announced within seven days of contest closure. Flights, hotel and all accommodations are the complete responsibility of the winner; prize is for a MBLV 2018 conference pass only and holds no cash value.)


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