Essential Thoughts of 2016

Time To Start

See ya later 2016, hello 2017. What a year.

From a business and personal point of view, 2016 was an incredible year. Business was up a solid 20% (I do not anticipate maintaining that level of growth), my wife, two daughters and I moved to a new community, and our oldest started school in Kindergarten. While there were also many down moments (particularly in the music world), my inner voice says to move forward. There will be highs, there will be lows, but always onward, is how it goes.

For making one specific part of my year incredible, thank you to the weekly readers of for your support, comments on blog posts and private feedback. Without you, this blog, and the inspiration I attempt to share in it, do not exist. Without you, none of this happens.

Thank you for sharing your favourite blog posts on social media. Thank you for sending favourite blog posts to your DJ friends. The mobile DJ community is an incredible place to live and work within. You are all evidence of that. Thank you.

Essential Thoughts of 2016

Based on website traffic, the following thoughts were the 10 most popular over the last 12 months.

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  8. Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2016 — Was It Worth It?
  9. No More Bad Wedding Toasts
  10. Lessons From My Wedding Couples

My theme going forward into 2017 is “Get Uncomfortable.” Watch for more content on that topic very soon.


~ Dave

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