Lessons From My Wedding Couples

Last month, I wrote some words on Mark Ferrell’s GWYW Facebook page:

Just be their friend. Their inspiration. Their cheerleader. Their confidant. Be that person they can talk to about the animosity between her (the bride) and the best man’s common-law partner. Create a REALationship* with them. Be there. For them.

Forget your numbers.
Forget your stats.

Ignore your “conversion ratio.”


“My biggest, wildest dream is about to come true in two weeks and my brain is spinning as I’m trying to wrap my head around it. Thank you again for the incredible help with everything. As happy as I am to be married and looking forward to our big day, it also makes me sad the engagement is coming to an end and everything with it – especially our meetings.”

Now, since the wedding of the couple from whom the above quote was received has come and gone, I would like to share some feedback these two incredible people provided me with following their big day.

“From the moment you stepped into our house, we could feel the positive energy that was radiating around you. We didn’t know exactly what we were getting into yet, but right after you left all we had to do is nod at each other as a sign of approval. There wasn’t even a question that you were the right person to help us create our personal, diverse, unique reception we were looking for.

After many months of planning and figuring out what we want and how we want it, on our wedding day I felt stress free. As a bride it is very important feeling to sense. Of course no event can be perfect, since such thing simply does not exist, but it was perfect for us and we got everything we wanted out of special night, the energy in the room was amazing, and things were going smooth. Looking back, I would not have changed a single thing. We created an unforgettable night, wonderful memories and celebrated our love.

Once again, thank you Dave, for being there every step of the way. You rocked our night and we couldn’t be happier!!!”

My purpose to sharing these words is this: Do not, for one moment, underestimate the impact you and your work as a mobile DJ & MC might have on a wedding couples big day. Be brave and open up personally to the next wedding inquiry you receive. Step outside of your comfort zone (nothing magical happens in there anyway) and watch what might happen as a result.

If you can set aside your discomfort in doing so, reach out to those DJs who appear to have all of the “perfect clients” and ask them WHY? WHAT? HOW?

The fact that some DJs appear to “have it all”, when for others, every day is a battle, is not a coincidence. In fact… far from it.

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* Thanks to Mark Ferrell for initially coining the word, REALationship. It is a beautiful word and I thank a typo of his, many years ago, that I understand is responsible for creating it.

Thank you for reading.

~ Dave

6 thoughts on “Lessons From My Wedding Couples”

  1. So true Dave! I love this article.When our couples learn how much we care for them, in return they have faith and trust in us and I believe our relationship to be built on this trust. We should always embrace these moments and never take them for granted.

  2. This is gold Dave — really positive stuff… I have built a business around it… in a way, I hope all my competitors read this so the high tide can raise all the boats!!

  3. I love this! REALationship. Yes! My greatest fulfillment in this business has been in the relationships I have formed with our clients. Many of the brides I have worked will are still some of my closest friends today. Life is richer and a greater blessing for everyone when we can connect, engage, and be authentic with each other!

    1. Thank you Kristin! I should also mention, REALationship is a term that should be credited to Mark Ferrell (post edited to reflect that). As I understand it, it was initially a typo on a presentation he was giving, until he looked a little closer and realized that is was the PERFECT word for his intended use. It’s a word I’ve also fallen in love with, as a result. 🙂

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