What Are You Really Asking?

When you ask a me “how?” or “what’s the real difference between a $5000 DJ and a $1000 DJ?” what is it that you’re truly asking? Are you asking me if there is a switch you can flip so that 6 months, 12 months, 24 months from now you can be experiencing similar “success”?

Or, are you asking me to talk with you about the days where I’m hustling from 8:00 AM – 2:00 AM trying to refine something that I don’t think is good enough in my business process — even though it would satisfy most others?

Maybe you are asking me about the Thursday nights after fire department practise where I skip out on drinks with the boys because I’ve got a client meeting on Skype or some other work that needs to be done?

Or are you asking me about the small little house my family and I live in with no garage that upsets me more often then you might know, but because it costs us less money, we are able to place our financial resources elsewhere?

Are you asking me how I take care to dress professionally because I want the person filling up my gas tank, taking my money at the grocery store, passing my burger to me at the drive through to think of me as a professional? (Take that word off your website by the way… “professional” means ZERO when YOU say it… it only carries weight when it is discovered through your intentions, your actions, your motivations and the results you create.)

Or are you asking me about the Daves and Bills and Bryans and Glenns and Jeremys and Alexes and Vickies and Mikes and Marks and Mitchs and Kathryns and Jims and Chrises and the countless others who I surround myself with to coach, encourage and inspire me?

Or are you asking me to tell you about the fact that I very seldom watch TV because it’s not contributing anything measurable to my current life/work goals? (If you need to, get rid of your couch… seriously.)

Maybe you are really asking me about the workshops I’ve taken and the little, tiny bits of growth that I’ve experienced in each one, only after my failures and deficiencies have been exposed?

Are you asking me to tell you that you should look at your glass as half full instead of half empty because happier and more willing prospective clients will be attracted to you if you’re even just a little bit more positive?

Or…maybe you don’t actually want to know any of those things. Would they make you feel uncomfortable? Insecure? Fragile? Less of a person?

The questions are valid and we should all be discovering the answers.

You NEED to ask these questions… if you are really, truly, ready for the answers.

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Special thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk’s video “Overnight Success” for inspiring this piece of writing. (caution: Gary occasionally uses language not appropriate for some workplaces or sensitive ears.)


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~ Dave

2 thoughts on “What Are You Really Asking?”

  1. Wonderfully powerful post, thank you.
    I asked this of you not so long ago.

    I’m really asking to ….
    …identify where my skills are on that amazingly long scale of service and value.
    …identify and prioritize those workshops to shorten my journey and learning curve.
    …better understand if I have the skill set required.
    …awkwardly begin a conversation with someone who is further along the the road I’m now traveling.

    Looking forward to digging deeper in to your
    archived posts.



    1. I love it Paul! Great thinking! Just keep in mind… this is a long game… shortcuts are hard to come by and often not worth your (valuable) time.

      Glad to be of service, chat soon.

      – Dave

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