Become Something Worth Fighting For

“I don’t know how many times I have to lose the gig to the ‘In-house DJ’. Ugh!!!”

“Why are wedding couples becoming DIYers? Well whatever, they’ll regret it later.”

“I just lost a potential booking to a DJ that quoted $300.00 for a 7 hour party including lighting.”

There have never been more opportunities than now to become something your clients will stop at nothing to have for their wedding. As many of my mobile DJ colleagues have recently discovered, clients will not only hire you for your asking price, but they’ll even pay you $200, maybe $400, maybe $1200 in travel fees alone!

“Everything went so perfectly and you greatly contributed to the outcome of our day. I hope we work together again soon! (waiting for a sister to get engaged, lol)”

Seanna & Blake

I had a guy at my house the other day fixing some internet issues I was having. He commented that it appeared from my office, that I was a DJ. “Do you have anything in the Cloud?” He asked me. I said that no, I was a mobile DJ who specialized in weddings. The “club style” and posting mixes online isn’t currently what I’m pursuing. He then commented that a few of his friends from Toronto would post their mixes to SoundCloud accounts and that he had a lot of fun, at first, subscribing to them. But now, he finished with saying, “Everyone’s a DJ, it’s not that special anymore.”

Whether or not we’d like to believe or accept it, his opinion is one that is shared by millions and millions of people from every corner of the world. But you can change that. The resources are there to become that something special… once again.

This post comes as a result of the endless reading you can make of DJs complaining within Facebook groups (for a variety of reasons, but often one of the complaints listed at the top) that they’re not being hired for the events they want or feel they deserve. The resources are there to change those fortunes. And they work. They work if YOU commit yourself to them.

I’ve slowly started populating a new page on this site titled Resources. If you were to utilize each and every resource as noted on that page, you can and will become something worth fighting for. The public will stop at nothing to hire you…so long as you’d be ok with that. Would you be ok with that?

“You had us and our guests wanting more! We have, and will continue, to suggest you to anyone we know needing your services – not only so that they can have the same amazing experience we had, but so that we as guests could enjoy you again as well!”

Nicole & Scotty

There have never been more opportunities than now. Become something your clients will stop at nothing to have for their functions. Let’s make that a reality, for all of us!

~ Dave T.


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